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              News Of The Group
              Gen era boutique construction satisfactory project
              Xi'an Zhi Hui Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.
              Xi \'an ZhiHui ZhiHui enterprise group in xi an real estate development company as the core of diversified group company, was founded in 1996, which owns xian ZhiHui real estate development co., LTD., shaanxi ChengShiMei in business operation management co., LTD., xi an shenglong beauty of business management co., LTD., the red star triumphant dragon business management company subsidiary, is a commercial real estate development, large commercial integrated property management industry as th
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              The Development Course
              Gen era boutique construction satisfactory project
              Brand Mall
              "The good faith management, from society and give back to society" is ZhiHui credo, the company has always been based on the xi 'an large-scale integrated market the forefront of the development and management
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