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Good news

Release Time:2018-08-09 The Author:admin

Warmly congratulate Xi'an Zhi Hui group's Dragon Plaza Shopping Center has Yuanjiacun, fresh taro two brands of strong settled.

Yuanjiacun City store, each kind of ingredients are used in the local production of fresh ingredients, Yuanjiacun warm on-site production, every process, every process, is a scenery line. Bring twenty or thirty authentic delicacy from Yuanjiacun, there are various kinds of fruit juice, let your taste buds cool to burst. Yuanjiacun City store is still used to decorate a style simple and primitive Guanzhong dwelling style, exposed brick stove, cane door and Weng, tools and other elements highlight the characteristics of Guanzhong decoration. In the taste of delicacy and can also see the characteristics of the Guanzhong folk landscape! No matter where you go, YuanjiacunAdvocate: "Farmers defend food safety!"

Fresh taro to make YISHION feel sweet Q taro dessert, fresh grass and tender traditional devotion, adhere to the Tofu pudding, delicious delicious, continuation of the traditional integration and innovation, with the most serious heart, the most diligent hands will be good skills and their hometown good flavor, share to everyone.

Yuanjiacun, fresh taro two brands successfully settled, to achieve win-win cooperation, to further enhance the Dragon Plaza shopping mall of the brand value, consumer value and influence, but also enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to enable enterprises to establish a good brand image in the development of the industry. I hope we can get through various channels and forms of cooperation in the future, with more high-quality brands jointly strong, mutual benefit, create brilliant Zhi hui!