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Warmly congratulate Xi'an Zhi Hui group reserve cadres event

Release Time:2018-08-09 The Author:admin

March 22, 2018 at 14:30 in the afternoon, Xi'an Zhi Hui group in hongxingmeikailong shop training room held in Xi'an Longshou Zhi Hui group of reserve cadres activities. Sponsored by the group human resources department, the molecular layers of screening, a total of 16 outstanding employees to participate in the competition activities.

Mr. chairman Fan Baoqiang invited to the event group was honored by the general manager, Mr. Gao Xianzuo and vice president of the subsidiary as the judges. This competition activities first by the candidates on the advantages and disadvantages of the competition for jobs, competition for jobs and work ideas etc.. Followed by the judges around the competition for jobs and improvisation on the candidates questions. Each of the candidates have attached great importance to this event, everyone was very good.

At the end of the event, Mr. Fan Baoqiang chairman of concluding remarks. He pointed out that this activity is very successful, all the candidates have done very well, very passionate. Down, group human resources department with the relevant circumstances, to the right of appointment of temporary jobs that do not meet the requirements, we will serve as reserve personnel, focus on. Zhi Hui group for talent selection, will be recommended to internal training, supplemented by external. The enterprise will pay attention to every contribution to the company's employees, so that employees and businesses grow together, build brilliant Zhi hui!

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