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Release Time:2018-08-09 The Author:admin

Warmly congratulate Xi'an Zhi Hui group

The 2017 liability summary and 2018 target responsibility concluded successfully

March 3, 2018, Xi'an Zhi Hui group in the conference room, held "The 2017 liability summary and 2018 target responsibility signing ceremony" of the meeting, Zhi Hui group president, executive vice president of the high total total and the molecule's leadership, personnel administration and Finance responsible person to participate in the signing ceremony.

In the ceremony, the company Person in charge On behalf of the company in the presence of all participantsSigned letters of responsibility, Determined to reach Two thousand and eighteen The annual business objectives and strive. Facing the target, The sub company The promise of heroic utterance so that participants are encouraged.

Strong pointed out: the target responsibility book signing conference is one of the most important year of work; is the target to determine responsibility for the implementation of the Convention; it is the beginning of a new year is at the end of the general assembly; Planning Conference on hero. Thank you, In 2018 we work together.

Ruiqi Chengxiang Shu all of one heart and one mind to open a new office. We firmly believe that, 2018 wise Zhi Hui, the targets signed letters of responsibility, will be more firm pace, aim high, exceeding the target, create brilliant!