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Do not forget the early heart remember our mission

Release Time:2018-08-10 The Author:admin

near In July 1, 2018, the Communist Party of China will usher in 97 birthday party, in June 26th, to carry out patriotic education activities of the Xi'an Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Zhi Hui Committee, Xi'an Zhi Hui group trade union committee jointly organized the party and union members. In the party secretary Zhi Hui group, comrade Liu Yuxia Xi'an Zhi Hui group chairman of trade union committee under the leadership of Comrade Cheng Yuan, Xi Zhongxun went to Shaanxi Fuping cemetery, Weihua Uprising Memorial Hall, accept the red patriotism education influence.

Zhi Hui group Party and trade unions in the education campaign to make every comrade firm and correct political orientation, the ideological line of emancipating the mind, the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, learning and entrepreneurial spirit of self-reliance and hard work.

In early June 26th 8, all Party members and members of a union set after it officially embarked on a journey to the red. The first station came to the Weihua Uprising Memorial exhibition.

All in a row, with the memory of the martyrs of patriotism, visited a memorial column Weihua uprising. Is early Weihua uprising revolution in rural areas in Northwest China's oldest, largest and most influential of the base, in the national revolutionary struggle history also play a great role. The uprising failed, but the uprising and courageous fighting spirit, to Chinese people with new inspiration. Many leaders of the uprising and retained the armed forces continue to China revolution fighting, Chinese became an important part of the people's Liberation Army and the revolutionary fire. The revolutionary martyrs heroic fighting spirit to inspire all Party members and union Comrade Zhi Hui group, in the new era, we should inherit and carry forward the spirit, applied to our daily life work, party and trade unions play leading role, and to influence people around, not forget the early heart, remember our mission "to make contributions to the motherland's modernization.

Then came to the second leg of the trip, the great leader of the revolution, Xi Zhongxun Memorial hall.

The solemn statue of the martyrs, the interpretation of the outstanding contributions out from Fuping on the land of the party and state leaders to the new China establishment, construction and reform and opening-up make painstaking efforts. Zhi Hui group a party member and union comrades here cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, to pay tribute to the martyrs.

After a visit to the sacred place of the revolution, the party and the union of all the comrades Zhi Hui group, to carry out 71 in the Holy Land Forget the beginning of the heart in mind the mission "recitation contest.Profound experience and red spirit of patriotism.

As the recitation contest judges are:

The Xi'an Zhi Hui real estate development company committee

The Secretary of the party committee: Yu Xia Liu

Xi'an Zhi Hui group trade union committee

The chairman of the trade union: Beijing 100871

The Xi'an Zhi Hui real estate development company committee

Publicity committee: Ting Dong

Zhi Hui group members of members of the company party and unions to participate with their heartfelt recitation, the memory of the martyrs, to celebrate the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese 97th anniversary, between the lines, all bear deep patriotic feelings, words of the text, all show every Zhi Hui group members and union members, a firm political belief, don't forget the heart, remember the new era of revolutionary mission.

After reading each contestant's affection, according to the judges of the leadership of the competitions, recitation contests every participant award.

Subsequently, comrade Cheng Yuan, chairman of Xi'an Zhi Hui group trade union committee of the recitation contest comment and speech, he said, Xi'an Zhi Hui group union will focus on General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core under the leadership of the Chinese socialism, keep the trust of the party, the Union did not forget the responsibilities, enhance the group of enterprise workers feelings closely with the enterprise staff, for their problem-solving, always with employees at heart, but don't forget the heart, keep in mind the new era of revolutionary mission, steadfast, well under the new situation of Zhi Hui group of trade union work, the implementation of the legitimate rights and interests of workers, adhere to the excellent style of work, innovation and implement Scientific Outlook on Development, adhere to the workers for this, let the enterprise develop steadily.

Party secretary of the CPC Xi'an Zhi Hui group of Comrade Liu Yuxia, the patriotic education activities concluding remarks, first of all, to celebrate the founding of the Communist Party of Chinese 97th anniversary. By this time the party activity, comrade Liu Yuxia on behalf of Zhi Hui group to Party branch and party activists and members of greetings and congratulations.

She also said that since the Zhi Hui group Party committee Since April 2016 the establishment of more than two years, through mutual support, mutual trust and team members, solidarity, better to complete the tasks of Party committee. In 2016, the Party branch and the Zhi Hui leadership of the hard work and effort, the Xi'an municipal Party Committee Organization Department Party committee granted me a "three-star non-public enterprise party organization" honor. In the next 2018, party work continues to promote and enhance at the same time, will become the "five star party organization of non-public enterprises" as the goal, "the development of strong, strong party" and make unremitting efforts.

2018 has been more than half, Zhi Hui group Party committee will also work in coordination with all Party members under steady progress. The second half of the year, the party will lead the establishment of Party members believe that the family culture Kanban, Party branch of the publicity on the wall, by members of the Party committee, Zhi Hui continue to join, there is so much as to the party, love the party's good comrades, Zhi Hui will further enhance the work of the party.

Subsequently, the party secretary of the CPC Xi'an Zhi Hui group, comrade Liu Yuxia Xi'an Zhi Hui group trade union committee chairman Comrade Cheng Yuan, all party and union members profound learning "Liang Jia River" spirit of learning, comrade Xi Jinping and other youth formed in the Liang Jia River production and labor and life attitude and the concept of labor, personal quality and concise in the generation of Comrade Xi Jinping as the representative of the youth in rural areas to achieve China outlook on life change, to change the face of rural poverty and hard work. And summed up the Liang Jia River Spirit: People's feelings, the spirit of faith, character of knowledge, dedication, responsibility, unremitting self-improvement.

Finally, in the song "without the Communist Party, there would be no new China" patriotic songs of the end of this series of activities of Party members, The Fuping study tour, so that all members and members of the union to the understanding of the party and enhance the level. Let us recognize as a party member, must always maintain the advanced nature of the party, better play the vanguard and exemplary role, the faithful performance of their duties, work diligently; self-reliance, hard work, thrift, plain living. The real cause of communism as my contribution!