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[Tencent] Interview with Fan Baoqiang

Release Time:2018-08-10 The Author:admin

[Tencent] Home Furnishing Zhi Hui group chairman Fan Baoqiang interview: adhere to the ancient custom of "happiness is"

In order to enhance the service, Meikailong Longshou stores to provide consumers with one-stop shopping experience Jiezhuang Jiezhuang intensive Center opened in December 30th. In the 2017 2018 period has ended, has Shanshan coming, Tencent Home Furnishing interviewed Zhi Hui group chairman Mr. Fan Baoqiang at the scene, and consumers together to understand Fan Zong about the 2017 industry is summarized, and the future development of the industry Home Furnishing.

Zhi Hui group chairman: Fan Baoqiang

<strong> Real estate hot household consumption pull extension</strong>

     In the past year, the Xi'an real estate can be described as "trot", many people think that buying a house is "borrowed money, buy the real". The more the "wealth effect", the more people want to buy a house on the squeeze caused by the car. Fan Baoqiang said: objectively speaking, Chinese city urbanization is not yet completed there is still room for the real estate industry. Xi'an's rapid economic growth, the future is expected to a large population inflows, this is the reality of the existence of the situation, to meet the housing, but also to meet the hos.

     2017. Years of deposition of Xi'an property market ushered in the turning over, the National Bureau of statistics released 2017 August 70 large and medium-sized city housing sales price statistics show that Xi'an new housing prices rose 0.3%, an increase of 13.4%; the new commercial housing prices rose 0.3%, compared to the same period last year rose 14.7%. According to LaSalle bank Xi'an branch analysis data show that the first three quarters of 2017 the price of commercial housing in Xi'an is 8629 yuan / square meters, an increase of 22%, an increase of 17%.

     2017 Xi'an housing market a new change: the purchase area needs to follow the policy changed obviously, the main apartment layout is just the first change and apartment layout, in an area of 100 square meters. The real estate market this year is active, which is in the downstream industry chain Home Furnishing industry also benefited, gradually warmer; Home Furnishing unleashing huge demand, will make Home Furnishing sales rise some. At the same time, the upgrading of consumption under the background of the housing stock update also brings incremental demand for the furniture industry.

     Some people think that, although can lead to inventory Home Furnishing consumer market, but the policy is delayed, that is to say, the effect of at least more than six months can be reflected. So the enterprise from internal optimization cost can accumulate enough capital to make a good future campaign.

<strong> Adhere to the ancient custom of "happiness is"</strong>

     Xi'an Home Furnishing industry for nearly twenty years, from the development of Zhi Hui group has also witnessed the development of Xi'an Home Furnishing industry for 20 years.

     From 1996 onwards, in the "south" tide, Zhi Hui group choose to stick to the ancient capital of Xi'an, to create a "home" of the city life. "Happy life begins at home", Fan Baoqiang has always believed that only a small family: our own happiness, the development will be better, to win a better future. Today, Zhi Hui has gone through more than 20 years, from the international furniture decoration materials market, to the big wild goose pagoda from Taibai Building Materials World International Furniture City, Suzaku to Meikailong Taibai shop, shop, dragon dragon Plaza shopping center. Zhi Hui group adhering to the "home" concept, all the projects are also around the family, with "happy life" for business purposes.

     From these projects is not difficult to see that the loose building materials market intensive indoor stores, and then to the shopping mall, a change which is the process of Xi'an Home Furnishing industry. Of course, we did not stop the pace of development; in the face of innovation, also need to adapt to market changes, consumption.

<strong> With the brand chain as the main camp, the layout is more widely</strong>

     Said the characteristics of the industry, Fan Baoqiang introduced to: the current characteristics of the domestic furniture industry is relatively dispersed, and most enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises and no brand enterprises, the future of the domestic furniture enterprises to gradually have to intensive talent shows itself, and brand development, making some brands, the quality of high-end furniture platform. Home Furnishing stores also need quality development.

     This year, Home Furnishing market situation changes in Xi'an, the market has been the elimination of old and small stores, such as we are familiar with Zoomlion, there are sixth new space, which is adapt to a changing market. The chain brand is more dominant here. Following the estate's footsteps, Sanhuan Home Furnishing layout is also wildly beating gongs and drums.

<strong> "Quality" has become the trend of "service" to a new high</strong>

     The commodity Home Furnishing consumer industry, quality and service has been the focus of attention of consumers. Fan Baoqiang analysis: with the rising level of consumption changes, people put forward higher standards for home decoration industry. People need more healthy and environmentally friendly and personalized products, even in the very popular intelligent Home Furnishing products, home appliances home from design to furniture purchase, purchase, these points are permeated.

     Especially in environmental issues, the impact of national environmental strategy, to Home Furnishing building materials enterprises pay attention to this problem, for those who can not reach the requirements of environmental protection enterprises, the inevitable emergence of the fate of being eliminated. The environmental problem has become the Home Furnishing building materials industry enterprises life line. Home Furnishing stores also conform to the trend of increasing the brand settled in environmental monitoring on the audit, to ensure "quality".

     Personalized consumer demand also pull on the "services" higher requirements, from design to installation decoration, to customer service, every step is dominant. Jiezhuang design can no longer be a simple map of apartment layout puzzles, customized products also need door-to-door service from sales orders before delivery, furniture maintenance, which parts are missing or no "service", so the store service level should also be extended to the interior of the store of pre - and post further. Is no longer a simple tea, charging treasure and other equipment. Like the Red Star nearly two years to carry out the "maintenance" service is an extension.

<strong> Consumer demand is the focus to seize more need to guide</strong>

     "Consumer demand is the lifeblood of the store business survival!" When it comes to the mall to survive and consumer relationship, Fan Baoqiang said: consumers are now popular, what need what? All we need to pay attention to and timely adjustment of the introduction, this is the most basic commercial store. Quality and service is the one mentioned above.

     Of course, we must have the vision to find and guide consumption. Because always stepping on someone else's pace is very tired, it is difficult to break. For example, now the business experience, very hot nowadays intelligent Home Furnishing etc..

<strong> The real estate industry forced the home building industry into the era of refined decoration</strong>

     From a policy perspective, more refined decoration listings of the future, this is the impact or challenge of Home Furnishing industry? On this issue, fan to deep sermon: over the years, has been mentioned in the refined decoration era, is expected in 2018 is further amplified and activated, with the maturity of real estate, the real estate market has entered a period of calm, the real estate industry has gradually become a low degree of concern in the industry, and with the ability to integrate real the real estate business promotion, more and more real estate enterprises have the ability of construction decoration. It also makes more and more real estate developers began decoration, which brings a new market at the same time as the Home Furnishing building materials industry enterprises, also put forward new requirements for the Home Furnishing building enterprise project sales, project management, risk control, security funds etc..

<strong> Different stores temper the proper operation ability to meet the needs of different consumer demand</strong>

     The first half of 2017, Red Star shop and shop in Taibai Longshou new pattern were made to build family planning: Dragon shop ecological consumption circle with diversified formats; Taibai shop will usher in a new entrance hall. Fan Baoqiang also introduced the progress and innovation plan of these planning: we encourage market innovation, adapt to market changes, to find their own core competitiveness, will focus on the actual situation of each market, by means of cooperation mode, investment adjustment etc., will temper out of the core business ability of shopping malls. The Dragon shops and stores are in the Taibai to upgrade themselves, hoping to meet different consumer needs.

     Intensive decoration Center opened officially opened the "Pan dragon Home Furnishing time: April 2017, brought a new concept -" pan Home Furnishing "mall of Xi'an Home Furnishing dragon industry, at the end of 2017, which is today, the mall first pay a satisfactory answer, multi format adjustment initial scale, art fitness, archery Hall, reality CS and other leisure and entertainment in one business, is the core of the home improvement center intensive grand opening, the introduction of new ideas Jiezhuang design Jiezhuang training intensive center, covering 22 home decoration enterprises gathered, 36 soft furniture, 72 big wood collection, 15000 square meters super Jiezhuang experience space. Injected a fresh force for the entire industry.

     The shop entrance Pavilion will present in March 2018: the current import shop perfect Taibai Museum has finished all the work, this update of the imported brands mainly to furniture brands, furniture brand Chateaud'AX, Dunlop, Le goldfish wing, building materials brands such as Armani (A&X), currently under intense decoration, because of strict requirements on the quality of imported brands, and stores on imported Museum Taibai building standards are high, decoration progress is slow, is expected in 2018 3 month, then, Taibai stores will have a big promotion, will bring international consumer experience for consumers in Xi'an.

<strong> Home Improvement Center: big build redefined intensive decoration quality</strong>

     The architectural decoration industry after nearly 30 years of rapid development, has gradually matured.From the scale of design standard, engineering investment, application of new technology and new materials have been hitherto unknown development. Xi'an Jiezhuang industry in 2017 experienced a concentrated outbreak of the year, local enterprises and foreign settled, and various types of new Jiezhuang companies the size of less than 200, is blossom everywhere, fierce competition. With the rising level of consumption, people put forward higher standard of decoration industry. With the low-end decoration industry prices more price transparency, especially high-end, custom home demand.

     At the end of 2017, we witnessed intensive decoration Center grand opening, to fan also introduced the concept of intensive center, and the change will bring to the Xi'an market:

Red Star Dragon shop Jiezhuang Center opened intensive field


Home Improvement Center opened star Simon Yam in the field of intensive field

     The first concept: intensive industry, we gathered in the industry of 22 well-known enterprises in the decoration project, 36 Home Furnishing soft outfit brand, 72 big wood, covering tile, wood flooring, wooden doors, electric kitchen, bathroom ceiling, whole house custom, curtains and wallpaper, switch panel, and 8 hard design institutions and 8 soft decoration design agency. So that consumers can stop to select all home improvement products; one of the highlights is the industry standard unified intensive construction, which is also the most consumer concerns.

     Second concepts: customer intensive, we from the platform on multiple channels overall storage, reduce the overall cost of advertising, let the brand principal and soft outfit can take the most preferential price feedback to our customers, all brands work together, everyone firewood high flame, will power into play, for the customer that they can not only get in other places to get the price, but also here in our material in one step, in addition, we through marketing activities for decoration company to sign the great efforts of the blasting, reduces the decoration business cost, resulting in the price of renovation efforts to maximize; from the decoration for us customers reduce costs again.

Brief introduction of intensive decoration Center project: Home improvement center is intensive Meikailong dragon dragon shopping malls in the "pan Home Furnishing" program in the home plate, one plate is the most important, covering 22 well-known enterprises, 36 Home Furnishing soft outfit brand, 72 big wood, and 8 hard design institutions and 8 soft decoration design agency, covers an area of area of 15000 square meters.Provide one-stop home shopping experience for consumers, which opened in December 30, 2017, is a project, the main hall (72 big wood), the two stage is the Museum of soft outfit (36 soft outfit), will be scheduled for 2018 3, opened in April.