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[quote] Sanqin accurate positioning to build the core competitiveness

Release Time:2018-08-10 The Author:admin

Home Furnishing stores industry and real estate market are closely related. In the real estate industry in our province, the occurrence of certain changes in prices in 2017, years of deposition of Xi'an property market has also ushered in a turning, whether this is good news for Home Furnishing industry? What will be the future development trend of Xi'an Home Furnishing industry? In this regard, Xi'an Zhi Hui group chairman Fan Baoqiang talked about hongxingmeikailong shop and shop in the new dragon Taibai new direction movement, 2018.

Hot real estate market to bring Home Furnishing sales rose

Since the end of 2016, the Xi'an real estate can be described as "trot", whether it has a big impact on Home Furnishing industry? Fan Baoqiang said, many people think that buying a house is "borrowed money, buy now, this is the real" wealth effect ", the more people want to buy a house on the squeeze caused by the car.Objectively speaking, Chinese city urbanization is not yet completed there is still room for the real estate industry.
Data show that the first three quarters of 2017 the price of commercial housing in Xi'an is 8629 yuan / square meters, an increase of 22%, an increase of 17%. He said, from the multi view data, the real estate market this year is active, which is in the downstream industry chain Home Furnishing industry also benefited from, let Home Furnishing sales rise some.

Catch catch changes into an important factor in the development of demand

As Xi'an Home Furnishing industry participants and the guide, Fan Baoqiang said, from the international furniture decoration materials market to the big wild goose pagoda, from Taibai Building Materials world, Suzaku International Furniture City, Meikailong Taibai to shop, shop, dragon dragon Plaza Shopping Center, Zhi Hui development group also witnessed the development of Xi'an Home Furnishing industry for 20 years.
He believes that the future development trend of industry, Home Furnishing considerable, one is to go to the intensive, brand development, the two is to grasp the market demand, accurate positioning, build the core competitiveness, pay close attention to the consumer values and preferences change, the scientific and technological change, have a keen market insight, this is also an important factor sustainable survival and development. In addition, the national environmental protection strategy, Home Furnishing stores should increase the brand settled in environmental monitoring of the audit, to ensure the quality of".

The new concept of Home Furnishing for the industry to inject new strength

Fan Baoqiang, April 2017, Xi'an dragon mall Home Furnishing industry has brought a new concept - "pan Home Furnishing", at the end of the year, art fitness, archery hall, live CS and other leisure and entertainment have been stationed in the mall, is the core of the intensive Jiezhuang center in December 30, 2017, Sheng Dakai, the introduction of new ideas Jiezhuang design Jiezhuang center into the intensive training. A new power for the entire industry.

The Redstar Taibai shop has completed all imported Museum investment work, March 2018 will be the perfect present. Then, Taibai will become a high-end store extreme store, bring international consumer experience for consumers in Xi'an.

P Liu Shu