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【Xi'an evening news】 Interview with Fan Baoqiang

Release Time:2018-08-10 The Author:admin

Xi'an evening news interview with Fan Baoqiang: a warm home from the beginning of furniture

In the reconstruction of the Home Furnishing life advocate, the traditional first decoration after the pattern of the furniture has become a stumbling block of unified style "". If use grammar "flip", first choice of furniture decoration will be easier. In fact, this idea has shown a prairie fire in the South and other economically developed areas, but in Xi'an Even in the northwest, but still a rippling blue ocean happiness "".

As the culture of the planting and cultivation of Home Furnishing, Xi'an Zhi Hui group chairman and President Fan Baoqiang are sensitive to touch the best opportunity for the promotion of this concept, and to "the happy life begins at home, a warm home furniture from the start as a proposition, once again explained the meaning of life happiness Home Furnishing. In this regard, the newspaper had an interview with Fan Baoqiang.

The furniture is the heritage of the road to happiness

In Fan Baoqiang's view, the diversification of culture and value as well as the change of people's life needs, make Home Furnishing style increasingly fission, showing a new situation in the All flowers bloom together. "Prefer European style, can choose a cathedral like towering furniture or painted silver gilt decoration; Chinese historical and cultural good, so many literati are fond of mahogany furniture; for example popular cinema this year "People in Thailand" embarrassed embarrassed. Naturally, no fragrance caused a gorgeous Thai wind. Consumer advocates what kind of style, like what kind of culture, can always seats in furniture products, select the."

"Why should we put forward the first furniture decoration? In order to make the whole room decoration furniture style laid the tone.Many of the owners renovated have such experience, spend a lot of money to buy the brand ceramic tile The floor, bathroom, etc., the decoration end found his love, misfits furniture style, size or function and has a good decoration space. The money did not spend less, the final effect is neither fish nor fowl, time-consuming." Fan Baoqiang believes.

People seeking to body and life in respect of furniture, the highest spirit of joy is to make their own will be reflected. Differceramic tile Bathroom products such as the style of dress has limitations, furniture of a complete set of space "core", is the soul of Home Furnishing decoration. First, pick your favorite furniture, and furniture, wooden ceiling features around the purchase,Cupboard Such as building materials, in order to better achieve the harmony in vision, the concept of the unity of life and happiness.

Do Home Furnishing life master Feng wing innovation

So-called universities, non that a building that also has a master and that is." So, so is the store. Fan Baoqiang has a strong military and atmosphere, there is wisdom and foresight of the literati, he is beyond the continuous jumping pole. Apple Godfather Jobs advocated by the "innovation" in his view, it is a kind of peiran Mo can resist force. From him on Xi'an Great contribution and northwest Home Furnishing industries make a point of view, to fan is not only a business Chizha sea enterprises at the helm, more is the transmission of fashion culture and thecrier Home Furnishing.

The temperature records are perceived, such as Fan Baoqiang Home Furnishing life master leading the trend of the giant position. Break the inherent mode, put forward first furniture decoration, to furniture reflects the broader, more distinctive furniture itself.

All along, Meikailong Shenglong Taibai shop and shop as Weiyang Sheng Long Zhi Huiqi under the "twin sisters flower", a cultural trend and brand Weiyang Sheng long shop to become the leading, incomparable to high Home Furnishing. Among them, Meikailong filled with Markor ART the first shop dragon Weiyang store, "LACASA" and other high-end brand "backing", Xi'an has the largest and most complete category and solid experience center. "It can be said that Weiyang stores since April 21, 2012 after opening, its quality, grade, brand culture, is widely recognized as the best in the industry." Fan Baoqiang said.

Not satisfied with the status quo of Zhi Hui, will travel to Milan, the United States and other international furniture exhibition "from the high active year". They act as a fashion pioneer, Everfount will have fresh vitality into the elements and northwest Xi'an, and every year the store brand adjustment, update. In Fan Baoqiang's view, although not the same clothes furniture in the new, but has repeatedly turned from one-time consumer goods consumer goods. Lead the industry innovation with the international trend of vision, is the business development of the "perpetual motion machine".

Make others happy they will be more satisfied

The word "person" a flick, will support each other means the most incisive interpretation. Fan Baoqiang Home Furnishing in providing quality life for consumers at the same time, also can from the intake to happiness. In the Home Furnishing raging like a storm industry, this is where the source of his charge of the Home Furnishing stores can grow quickly and succeed in the. "Let the people around you happy, I will be very happy; and if there is a little ability, plus a little effort, can create value for more people, bring them happiness, then I would be more satisfied."

As the micro Meikailong show the movie "time" in the door, people in the busy work ignores the happiness of a family union.Now the Home Furnishing stores is not a simple sale of furniture and building materials, but contains a life and happiness culture. In order to allow consumers and stores service barrier free docking, two stores adhere to the needs of consumers, age, occupation, region, structure, preferences, and set up a "customer relationship", "membership", as the taste of life escort.

Zhi Hui group in the development of more than ten years, has witnessed the rapid rise of Xi'an city construction. As a CPPCC member, is to fan participants, builders are reformers. In Xianning Road, which has been built by Sheng long third city street will be walking to the cross connect Home Furnishing, general merchandise, sports and entertainment four MALL. Let the commercial form is the most advanced, and create prosperity, warmth, vivid cultural market.

At the same time, Sheng long fourth city will Lazi west. A maximum of three years, Zhi Huiqi will have seven shopping centers, three five star hotel, will drive the employment of 100 thousand people, more than 3 hundred million tax. The extension of the city like a raging fire boom, Zhi Hui estate adhere to the department store as the popularity of sucker is huge, driven by multiple business forms. As one of the pioneer brand, Meikailong Weiyang Sheng long shop witnessed the development of enterprises is to build a model to the big market, the development of large circulation, huge commercial value will be triggered at any moment.

Reporter Zhang Li