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"Box Horse" and "Red Star" to create a new retail in the pan

Release Time:2018-08-21 The Author:admin

On August 15th, 2018, Box Ma Xiansheng and Red Star Macalline Longshou Mall officially signed a contract. The signing ceremony was held in Sheraton Xi'an Hotel, hosted by Qin Wei, Director of the Economic and Trade Bureau of Weiyang District, and Chen Jianfeng, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Deputy Director of the Investment Committee Ren Wei, Weiyang District Party Secretary Yang Jianqiang, Weiyang District Mayor Liang Qingqing, Weiyang District Deputy District Governor Cheng Xiwen, District Political Consultative Conference Chairman Ren Tailong, Shaanxi Provincial Chamber of Commerce Vice President, Yuhui Group President Fan Baoqiang, Longshou Shopping Center General Manager Liu Wei and Boxan Xiansheng, General Manager of Xi'an District, Shen Gang attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the birth of the successful cooperation between the two parties.

▲The signing ceremony was hosted by Qin Wei, Director of the Economic and Trade Bureau of Weiyang District

▲ Speech by Liang Qingqing, head of the People’s Government of Weiyang District

▲Box Yang Xiong, general manager of the district, delivered a speech

Box Horse is positioned to support big data, integrated online and offline, and integrates supermarkets, restaurants, e-commerce and logistics. It contains more than 6,000 items from 108 countries, including more than 1,000 imported goods and more than 200 kinds of raw seafood. With the distribution characteristics of “free delivery within 30 km radius of the store as the center, the fastest 30-minute delivery to the door”, the geographical constraints are no longer restricted, and the most fresh ingredients are used to satisfy the different tastes of many consumers. Establish a new bond between consumers and commercial brands.

▲Fang Baoqiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhihui Group, delivered a speech

Zhi Hui group spend 50 billion to build Sheng Long Plaza, located in Weiyang Road 80, close to Metro Line 2, commercial 400,000 square meters, the north side is Meikailong shopping malls, department stores on the south side is a collection of people's livelihood, Vanguard, A comprehensive shopping mall with a variety of dining options. Since its opening, more than 100 brands including Red Star Macalline, Minsheng Department Store, China Resources Vanguard, Gome, Oscar Cinema, Yate Fitness, Yuanjiacun, and Children's King have successively settled in, building shopping, home, parent-child, leisure, entertainment, etc. integrated multi-format commercial center integration.

Since 2017, Red Star Macalline Longshou Shopping Center has started a comprehensive upgrade of the “Pan Home Furnishing Era” model, and launched the “Recombination of Big Home DNA” program to create a multi-integration family consumption ecosystem.

The box horses will enter the station and will also play their own digital advantages, provide support for the online digital construction of Longshou Shopping Mall, and jointly build online and offline integration to achieve a win-win situation under the new retail model.

▲ Xu Wei, Director of the Regional Development Site of Ma Xi'an, signed a cooperation agreement with Liu Yu, the general manager of Hongxing Meikailong Longshou Shopping Center.

The cooperation between the two parties is not only a commercial cooperation, but also an organic combination of “new retail” and “pan-home”, which is a focus event of new retail in the pan-home era. The arrival of Box Mashengsheng marks the red star Meikailong Longshou Shopping Mall has taken another big step in the new retail industry in the pan-home era.

Project landing promotion meeting

After the signing ceremony, the promotion meeting was held on the project landing. The meeting was hosted by Cheng Xiwen, deputy head of Weiyang District, and communicated on related issues such as industry and commerce, taxation and fire protection.

It is reported that Box of fresh horse settled in the first floor of the Red Star Meikailong Longshou Shopping Mall, with an area of nearly 6,000 square meters. It is expected to officially open in December this year.