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    We are the pioneers of commercial real estate in Xi'an.

    The only mission is to create a warm home.

    Building quality products, achievements Zhi Hui dream,

    This is the goal of everyone's lifelong struggle.

    We are a team, we are the team of Zhihui,

    We are willing to dedicate ourselves,

    In the long river of life,

    Always give high-quality material and spiritual food for the masses;

    We are a trail-blazing pioneers in the Chinese real estate industry.

    Never cower on the way forward.

    Pioneering, honest and pragmatic, building a century-old enterprise

    It is the greatest aspiration of all employees.

    We are the team of Zhihui, we are Zhihui people;

    We are committed to building convenient, green and comfortable products.

    Let buyers enjoy a healthy and happy life.

    Create a brand of excellence and build a century-old enterprise;

    The trailblazer of commercial real estate development,

    The norm of market operations,

    The promoters of the city's economic prosperity.

    Responsibility, honesty, transcendence, gratitude

    Integration of resources,

    Idea first,

    Integrity management,

    Giving back to the society.